Queer refugees panel talk

Het Discours

For this special edition of Het Discours, HOMOOST teams up with Dance With Pride. Dance With Pride is an Amsterdam based collective bringing queer awareness to the dancefloor. Through a panel talk we will offer you a direct insight into issues that concern LGBTQI+ refugees, as well as opening up the general discourse on the matter. This is all with the Project Queer Welfare initiative in mind, which aims to support Queer refugees in the Netherlands who wish to engage in social and affirming activities. 

The panel will consist of three members of (partly) non-western descent, who don’t identify with traditional gender conventions or sexual orientation. Inaya, Saber and Judith all have their own personal background, stories and views on topics relevant for discourse around refugees and queer identity. The panel will be lead by Isjed, who identifies as genderqueer and bicultural, and is the initiator and founder of various projects concerning biculturalism and LGBTQI+ activism. One of his main goals is to give these minorities the representation they deserve. 

Some of the topics we’ll dive into are personal stories around coming-outs, how Project Queer Welfare helped the panelists, gay nationalism, creating a safe space, views on the Immigration and Naturalization Service(IND), and being a queer person of color in the Netherlands. 

Through this edition of Het Discours we want to offer you an opportunity to listen to personal stories, and give way to thinking about how we can support queer refugees in the Netherlands in developing and reinforcing their identity, and help them be part of society the way they want. Discourse is key, join us and take part. 

If you would like to visit this talk but are short in resources to cover your train/bus ticket please send us an email at dancewithpride2017@gmail.com. We would love to try to help you out, especially (but not only) if you are queer and undocumented.

Doors open: 19.30h
Start: 20.00h
Free entry

OOST is not just a nightclub, but also a place for public debate. Through ‘Het Discours’ we try to look at relevant societal issues from different angles. The nature of a Discours event changes, and depends on the subject and the night itself. This way Het Discours encourages the audience to reflect. On itself, and on the world. 

P.S.: This event is followed by a fundraising party to support Project Queer Welfare. Check out the event: HomOOST x Dance With Pride • Fundraising Party

Het Discours x HomOOST: Queer refugees panel talk
Sprekers: OOST • HomOOST • Dance with pride


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