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Here is OOST

Club and Concerts in the heart of Groningen. Every week we visit an electronic direction. Constantly reimagining what nightlife can be, on stage as well as our intimate dance floor. To capture the thrill of the nocturnal hours, together with adventurous artists and dancers alike. ‘Cause when the sun sets in the west, the night rises at OOST.


OOST invites you to explore the far, uplifting corners of what nightlife and electronic music have to offer.
Za 03.12

Club: AMPFEMININE w/ LIL RISK, Ambu Bambu, Camgurl, DEBORAH X and Soft Break

AMPFEMININE goes OOST to amplify feminine energy in nightlife.

Za 10.12

Club: NVST, aka Kos and Northern Lights

NVST and aka Kos rough up the edges of club music. The Northern Lights collective blends hiphop and dance music in the Arcade.

Za 17.12

Club: Ehua, Emil Srush, GUI and BAR Records

Ehua sources rhythms from all around the globe. Upstairs Nathan Homan invites special guests to celebrate his new release on BAR Records.

Za 31.12

Cheap NYE

This is Cheap NYE. Because everything else is already expensive enough.

Fine dining, dancing till dawn, arcade games, vegan snacking and specialty drinks. All under one roof.

OOST is located in the old Willem Lodewijk Gymnasium at Oosterstraat 13a. There you can also go for a fine dining experience at restaurant Achterwerk, have one of many specialty drinks at Cilinder, grab a vegan snack at Snackwerk, or show your friends how it's done in the vintage arcade hall.


Come dance, kom OOST.
Opening hours
Saturday23:59 - 06:00

Doors close at 04:00

You can visit us every Saturday night and on selected Fridays. Check out the program above to see what's happening soon.

OOST is located at Oosterstraat 13a in Groningen, The Netherlands – find your way here via Google Maps.


Host a private event in OOST. Including service, drinks and music.

We love having people over. Rent out OOST or other parts of the Oosterstraat 13a. Send an email to to discuss the possibilities.