After five years we close the doors to our home – come October Oosterstraat 13a will be no more. As predictions for the withdrawal of corona measures seem to be in our favor, we’ve got hope for a proper send-off while we look for a new place. An immense five-night homage to an incredible five years of OOST. More info available via the events below. To everyone who's been with us during these past years: thank you for creating something very special. See you for the home stretch.


07.08.2021  23:59

OOST • Closing in 5

More info on line-up and tickets T.B.A.
21.08.2021  23:59

OOST • Closing in 4

More info in line-up and tickets T.B.A.
28.08.2021  23:59

OOST • Closing in 3

More info on line-up and tickets T.B.A.
03.09.2021  23:59

OOST • Closing in 2

More info on line-up and tickets T.B.A.
04.09.2021  23:59

OOST • Closing

More info on line-up and tickets T.B.A.


OOST is not only a night club, but also a place for public debate. With 'Het Discours' OOST manages to approach social issues from different angles. The shape and form of a Discours night change depending on the subject. This way 'Het Discours' puts everything towards inciting the audience to reflect. On itself, and on the world.


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