Dayclub is the new nightclub. We all get our longed-for goodbye dance at Oosterstraat 13a in the end, during daytime and evening hours. With a set of events that transpire between the end of the afternoon and the moment clocks strike midnight, when clubs have to close their doors. First on October 2nd and 3rd with a huge line-up scattered throughout the building: out on the roof terrace, in our beloved club room and spread across secret areas. ‘Calling it a day’ just got a whole new meaning. More info and tickets in the event below.


02.10.2021  17:00 / 00:00

OOST • Closing Days Saturday

Secret Line-up
03.10.2021  12:00 / 00:00

OOST • Closing Days Sunday

Secret Line-up


OOST is not only a night club, but also a place for public debate. With 'Het Discours' OOST manages to approach social issues from different angles. The shape and form of a Discours night change depending on the subject. This way 'Het Discours' puts everything towards inciting the audience to reflect. On itself, and on the world.


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