The International Treasure

Het Discours

On November 2nd, Het Discours — in collaboration with G2K and Urban.Gro.Lab — presented the five best international ideas of 2017. The ideas were collected by asking international students the following question: What good idea is not being practiced in Groningen? 

The selection consisted of the following ideas:

- Multidisciplinary exhibitions by local but migrant artists. Idea by Carlos Vega, Spain.

- Comfortable public spaces to promote social activity for elderlies. Idea by M.H Hasanov, Bulgaria.

- A 'bring your own cup' discount in coffee shops. Idea by Gesa Feldhusen, Germany.

Cycling lessons for new cyclists. Idea by Angelica Caiza and Lara Mottee, Ecuador and Australia.

- More drinking water fountains in parks to stimulate jogging. Idea by Fares Sereir, Spain.

All visitors were asked to vote for their favorite idea. The winner of this election is the idea by Carlos Vega for more multidisciplinary exhibitions by local but migrant artists.

We congratulate Carlos with his victory. As OOST we are interested in carrying out the idea together with him, so great things are coming! 

The presentation will now move on as an exhibition to
"City Central", the new hub for international students. After this, we hope to move it to the University of Groningen. 

All in all a great success. We truly believe we've welcomed international students in a unique way; by giving them the possibility to contribute. Also, we think we've shown the power of diversity. On to the next year!

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