The International Treasure

Het Discours

Dear foreign students,

We want to show the power of diversity. We want to welcome you by asking you to contribute. We want the city of Groningen to become better. That's why we - Het Discours and Urban Gro Lab - want to ask you for the best ideas in the world.

The city of Groningen has thousands of international students from more than hundred different countries. This means that, as a city, we’re sitting on a treasure of international knowledge. Knowledge that could help the city of Groningen become better. Therefore we ask all our foreign students:

“What good idea isn’t being practised in Groningen?

We are looking for at least five great ideas that can contribute to the wellbeing of the city of Groningen. They can be small; they can be huge. They can be social economical; they can be practical. Just tell us what you know and how things are better/smarter/cleaner in other parts of the world. 

During this year’s edition of Let’s Gro we’ll present the five best ideas in OOST. This presentation will be organised by professionals and will be a celebration of diversity and progress. It will be free to visit. Of course, the international students with the best ideas will be our honoured guests. Together with the audience we will select the very best idea. The contributer will win 100 euro.

The best ideas will later be installed on an official location in the city centre. More information about that will follow during the event. 

Send a short summary of your idea to Deadline: 14 October.


Het Discours • The International Treasure
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